About Us


We are top sales people ourselves, so when we developed a sales solution to help other sales professionals close more deals we couldn’t wait to share it! B2B Lead ID identifies anonymous website visitors and creates quality, actionable leads so you can convert more sales. All of the successful sales people we have ever met simply want the opportunity to make their sales presentation to a prospect. However, today’s digital landscape doesn’t often allow for this opportunity. Let us give you a scenario:

Joe at XYZ Company visits your website to research information (product specifications, pricing, etc.). Joe also checks out a few of your competitors’ websites for the same information. Joe analyzes the gathered information and makes a purchasing decision without ever engaging a single sales person from any of the companies.  And, the decision could be based on completely arbitrary reasons: nicer looking website; more information available; easily accessible pricing; features/advantages/benefits presented in an enticing way…it could be anything.  If you are the company fortunate enough to be chosen, GREAT! If not, it’s a lost sale that you never even knew existed.

Does this example sound logical? Just think about the way you search and purchase online….we bet you can relate. The solution to this problem is adding B2B Lead ID to YOUR website. Take your website from digital brochure to online lead generator!