Lead Generation: Instant Email Notification

Lead Generation: Instant Email Notification

With B2B Lead ID, when a prospect on your website is identified, you receive an instant email notification about what we’ve learned. Notifications include company name & location (PLUS, when you utilize our active link tracking code, you can identify the EXACT individual who accesses your site via the link).

We also include valuable search engine related information by providing how the prospect found your site, any associated search term data and the first page the prospect landed on. And, it’s all date and time stamped.

At this point, you’ll want to access the 12 resources included within each email to help you zero in on the best point of contact. Utilize Jigsaw’s Directory of Business Contacts to access names & titles of prospect company employees to pinpoint the type of contact you normally target. Or, access Linked In to seek mutual connections for a source of introduction. These resources are vital and right at your finger tips within each email notification.

Now that you’ve identified the ‘who,’ you’ll want to know ‘what’ the prospect is interested in. We detail all pages the prospect viewed so you know their exact interest—we even include summaries of past visits.

An instant notification from B2B Lead ID takes your website from a online brochure to a digital lead generator. Get B2B Lead ID…and, convert more SALES!






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