Identify Leads 2 Ways


Knowing the identity of potential customers visiting your website is paramount to the sales environment of today’s digital age. These interested visitors will be searching your site, along with the websites of your competition (Often, they will make a purchasing decision without ever making contact with any of the companies). Wouldn’t you like to have a head start on the competition by knowing who these visitors are, and possess the proactive ability & tools to reach out to make contact with these hot prospects? Identify leads two ways with B2B Lead ID to gain a competitive advantage over your competition and hone in on ‘low hanging fruit’ sales opportunities:


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Find out who is on your website along with what products/services they are interested in without them ever logging in or registering online. B2B Lead ID delivers real-time alerts that identify your prospect’s company name and provides 12 sources of pre-sales research tools for quick evaluation of the prospect. Jigsaw, for example, provides names, titles & contact information so that you can reach out to the best prospect that fits your normal sales targeting.


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Anyone who clicks on a B2B Lead ID coded link to visit your site will be individually identified (it can be a link in a newsletter, a personal email, or anything else you’ve sent them). Once they’ve clicked on the link, the person is “tagged.” Now, anytime they return to your website (without clicking on the link ever again) you will be alerted—by name!

The alert will read: “Good news! Prospect – – is on your website”