Convert Anonymous Visitors Into Actionable Leads 0

Convert Anonymous Visitors Into Actionable Leads

Posted by on Aug 14, 2013 in B2B Lead ID, Blog, Business-To-Business (B2B) Leads, Featured

We like to keep things simple, so there are only 4 short steps between an unknown prospect visiting your website & you calling on this highly targeted interested buyer:   Prospect visits your website (It doesn’t matter what marketing technique you employ…could have been: TV commercial, ad words, direct mail, billboard, email, text message, word of mouth, Google search, social media, etc. It doesn’t really matter how.) B2B Lead ID has two ways to identify this previously anonymous visitor without them filling out a form or logging in. B2B Lead ID can determine company name and/or determine the identity of the exact individual (if the prospect has arrived via B2B Lead ID encoded link). You receive an instant email notification about what we’ve learned from your prospect’s visit. You’ll have company name & location. Plus, there are 12 resources included within each email to help you zero in on the best point of contact–Utilize Jigsaw’s Directory of Business Contacts to access names & titles of prospect company’s employees to pinpoint the type of contact you normally target. We’ll also detail what pages the prospect viewed so you know their exact interest. Do what you do best…go...

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